Stories of Inspiring Futures And Alternate Realities

2020 Inaugural Short Story Contest

Good Harvest by Catherine Sarah Young

This story speculates on the evolving relationship with death through those who have chosen to have their remains be turned into fruit-bearing trees.


Beneath the Stones by Simon Parker

A man wakes up in 2031 to find restaurants providing health care, governing council selected by lot and a free market where people offer their social surplus for the common good.

More Stories to Consider & Enjoy

Over the Hills and Far Away

by Commando Jugendstil & Tales from the EV Studio

The hazard of science facility access threaten to separate Theo and Femi and bring their relationship to an end. Can their family-of-choice help them find a way forward?

Fabshop by Adam Lee

 Far from the rapacious gaze of capitalism, a fledgling new civilization is building an invention that could change the world.

Great by Lynda Greenfield

Harley is attending what appears to be an ordinary presidential campaign event, but there's something odd about it. Can she help the group focus on the world's future instead of rehashing old issues?


These stories are also in production to become podcasts narrated by voice actors.  Look out for the release this Fall on your favorite platforms or sign-up to stay updated. 
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